Friday, July 27, 2012

College here we go + 90210 obsession ( kinda worried) ...

Hi Dolls!! So here it is Andrea with an update. Basically I have decided to make a series of posts & videos about COLLEGE! So since  I am gonna be a Freshman very very soon and there are very few tips on european colleges I decided to give you my inside scoop on the whole college issue if you guys are interested in it. 
And today I went to university to make a test to get the opportunity of making my degree in English at college so cross your fabulous fingers for me ;)
I am going to be sharing that story with you guys very soon as well as organization tips and supplies and an Agenda 101 special in which you will probably get to see how obsessed I am with agendas ( kinda worried about that too...)
And last but not least I have a SERIOUS thing to say. I have been catching up with 90210 last season and I am developing a serious Annie obsession, I mean I love her like a lot so I am just obsessed with her cute outfits and cute sunglasses in a creepy way LOL!

Would you guys like a College series? I want to see your requests! 


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  2. That sounds exciting! College is the most exciting time ever!

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  3. good luck with freshman year! i love 90210 too! the fashion is amazing

  4. I would love to see updates from your adventures at university!

  5. It sounds great :)