Sunday, July 29, 2012

TAG: What's in my phone? My favorite Apps

Hi Dolls! So here it is another video post because you guys old me that you like those like A LOT! So thank you so so much for your support! Today is going to be a huge filming day so look forward for more videos yay :) 
"Those who matter, don't mind" - Dr Seuss


  1. Gonna download some of them,great post honey!;)

  2. Cool!
    Im DYing to get my Andoid! Many of those app dont work on BB! :(

  3. Andrea, thank you so much for leaving your feedback in my blog the other day. My husband has an iPhone and I have got my iPad. And our favorite apps are temple run, angry birds,zomato { food and restaurant info }, infinity blade, whats app, twitter,etc.
    have a nice day !