Saturday, August 11, 2012

Andrea's Trends: Nude Nail Polish

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Dolce Gabbana nail lacquer
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Opi nail lacquer
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Revlon pink nail polish

Sephora Collection nail polish
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Hi Dolls! So today's post is all about my own new trend: Nude nails! I am a crazy for color type of person but, as I was painting my nails in beautiful nude for the trip I am now in. I though to myself: "Andrea, you are actually rocking the nude trend when everybody's neon crazy, you need to share this in your blog" So here I am, telling you why I chose nude for my trip and why I think this is the perfect back to school shade :)

  1. Firstly, when it start chipping ( like all nail polishes do) it is less noticeable, so if you are on a trip or in the middle of back to school madness you can wait till you have time to do your nails again without looking too crazy.
  2. It goes nicely with any outfit! because as much as I love neon colors sometimes they do not go well with the outfit while nude looks always chic and classy.
  3. Every single brand has its own nude shade. In the set I created, you have a lot of examples, even ones with a bit of shimmer to look a bit more glam at night.
  4. I did not tell you this... but if your school does not allow nail polish a light coat of nude is really hard to notice, but it makes your nails look ten times better ;)


  1. cool post. would love if you checked out my newest post :)

  2. I also love so much nude colors!
    Thanks for review!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment on myblog and following. Hope you stop by again!

    Little K.