Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Favorite Pieces of Jewelry! Accessorizing Thursday :)

Hi Dolls! For today's post I wanted to show you my favorite pieces of jewelry right from my collection. As I always say in my "AndreaStyles" posts, accessories are what give that personal touch to a look, so let's see what accessories give my outfits a lot more personalities.

These two pieces, I got because they are simple but still fun easy bracelets to add a bit of colour to my outfits on an every day basis.
This is one is so cool because the leather contrasts with the silver and black tribal details of the charm that has a hippie chic style.
This is the "Angel's Ringer" I love this so much. This was a gift from my parents and it is supposed to be a lucky charm that every time you are in trouble you ring the bell and the angels are supposed to come to you and help you. Again I love how dainty and simple it is for an every day use but also it looks amazing with a LBD to go out!
This is my Swarovski star necklace. For some reason I have always been really attracted to stars and I really love this gift from my grandpa. I think is fantastic and again another of my lucky charms ( Yep I do have a lot of them!)

Now I am going to show you my Guess bracelet. I just have one charm but I like the gold and silver combo with the red rhinestones so much! It is such a classy pieces with a modern vibe to it. This is a gift from my grandpa too and I love this to death!

Here I wanted to show you where I keep my rings. This shoe was a Xmas gift from my mom and I think it is so vintage looking and perfect that makes me love my room even more. Here I have some rings I love that are huge and edgy and look amazing with night outfit but also dress up a jeans and shirt outfit to school.
This is my bow ring. I was talking about this ring with my cousin Marta and I wanted to do this post to show it to her too LOL ( Love you Primita!) I think it is  classy and elegant and that's the kind of jewelry I typically go  for because it suits my fashion style really nicely. This was another Mom's gift with a gorgeous silver bracelet that I was wearing in my last video and I Instagramed a pic of it ( shineonbyandrea) but I forgot to take a pic of for this post.
This is another gift from my grandpa , he always gets me jewelry, and I love this little girl with crystals in her head. It is a very naïf piece! I love that French trend so much for jewelry!
I got this form my auntie and I thin they are PERFECT! They are glam and edgy and such eye catching pieces.
This is the QUEEN of my collection, my Thomas Sabo Bracelet!! I get so many compliments about it and I really think it is a very me piece of jewelry! Wanna know the meaning of the charms?
The Eiffel Tower is because of my trip to Disneyland I did when I was 9 years old and I loved it. Fun fact: Pretty much all the pics you see in my room are form that trip. Check out my youtube videos to see that.
The Hollywood Star: Represents my love for red carpet's fashion and also my love for movies and L.A
Then we have the Lipstick with Crystals: This was a Christmas gift and represents my love for beauty products ( I am a fashion and beauty blogger what did you expect?)
The next charm represents NY and how I can see myself someday going there. I love that city to death!
Then we can see a charm that has hearts and says my little girl, this was a gift from my friends in our last year before being separated in junior year. I really like that charm too!
The Nail polish bottles represents my beauty blogger side and also my passion for nail polishes, I just never have enough colours... Sorry I am not sorry LOL!
Last but not least my sunnies because I am always with sunnies on and also because I wear glasses at school so that kinda doubles as a reminder to grab them every morning!

Did you guys like this post? Do you want a Perfume Collection Post? 
Let me know in the comments below!!
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  1. fatima hand and all of them, loveit!
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    BTW great selection of jewelry!!

  3. Hi, Andrea! Thanks you for visiting my blog and sorry it took me a while to arrive here. These are some fabulous jewelry and I think they make great gift for friends. By the way, I say yes to following each other :)

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY (where fashion and food collide!)

  4. A mí también me gustan muchísimo las estrellas

  5. I love this kind of your perfume collection is welcome too :) You have amazing rings, I love them all!

  6. i really like that sweet ring ;)

  7. These bracelets are gorgeous, I especially love the first two. I love layering up bracelets I think they look so nice xx

  8. Very nice collection.

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  9. i like the bracelet on the second photo)
    i love hippie style!
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  10. I love the first bracelets,I love the blog

  11. Everything I see here is so fun and fashionable! And the bracelets are perfect for layering, as some of the other lovely fans have already mentioned. Beaded charm bracelets are an accessory that can be adapted to any style, which I especially love!

    Elle Michele

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  13. amazing collection you got their. I like all of them.

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  16. So much arm candy in one post! :) Love the swarovski star necklace. It looks very beautiful.

  17. love the Thomas Sabo!

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  18. Love the Thomas Sabo!

    Thanks for your comment, I followed your blog and twitter
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  19. accessories are very nice, leather bracelet is my favorite :))

  20. Wow!! You have soo nice bracelets, I love bracelets ih the first and second photos. They are awesome!

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