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How to Throw A Great Party 101

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Hi Dolls! It is my pleasure to invite you to read one of the most memorable posts I have ever written! Welcome to ever socialité guide for throwing good parties. Let me tell you at first that if you are lazy enough to read a post that has as many visuals as I was able to include you are not capable of throwing a great party. The party of the year is all about details even though it may seem effortless...

1. Figure out a great idea for the party.

 Truth being told, simple parties are not memorable. So what about throwing a Girls Night In or a Pop Star themed Party? Maybe a brunch for those you love the most? The science of parties is all about creativity and who said you cannot throw a party for your family and actually having fun? Because that was a huge lie!

                       2. Perfect Party? Choose the perfect time.
                       Parties on Sunday are not appealing, brunches actually are! Same applies with Super Bowl or sports events, unless you do not want any hottie to show up...
If there is a concert or another huge party already plan, avoid drama and beat their party next week!

                       3. Inviting your guests.
              E-invites are an awesome idea but all fashioned hand self made ones sound better to me. It sends a positive message that the party is really going to be something a bit more special than they though it would be. Moreover, it is a huge opportunity to be a bit crafty and do your own one.
A great invitation explains the details about the party ( What they need to bring, dress code...) and also has your info so that they can easily reach you for proposals and confirm their assistance asap!

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                       4. Make sure you have space
              Nobody enjoys feeling like a bunch of sardines okay? So try to invite the amount of people that can be in comfortably.

                  5. Decide about drinks and food that it is going to be served.
  I love serving buffet style snacks and sandwiches. Make sure to include healthy options so those who are on a diet do not feel like they have to watch whiel everyone else eats. Crudités are such a great idea too!
I would do non alcohol cocktails and ones that actually have so just people who are not into drinking like I do can actually have something while dancing you know! Just by giving the option of serving non alcohol cocktails some people may think twice ( some may be driving later, you could be saving their life..)

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         6. Playlists, all the way...!
I love making playlist so much but spotify is always a good idea if you are not into making them. Here I have my personal favourite party tracks at the moment. (P.S. Pink is always a good idea for parties...)

MusicPlaylistView Profile
Create a playlist at

7. Cute ( & useful) decor ideas!

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Hope you liked this post! Let me know in the comments below.
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