Sunday, September 9, 2012

Living with Andrea- Episode1: Fear is a liar

Hi Dolls! Welcome to a new series in my blog. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share my college experience with you guys but then I realized that there are a ton of other things that I want to tell you about so I came across this cool concept of "Living with Andrea" that pretents to be a self made documentary diary with a ton of creativity!

Sin título #139

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We all have our days, right? I mean nobody said it was going to be perfect. The fact is that you have to make it perfect and go through the day with a smile in your face. This past week I started my college experience and I was lucky enough to have amazing first days, even though they were full of hard work, I've met great people, especially my lovely friend Lily, and I cannot wait to get to know them more. The way I see it everybody has something good to teach you and that is the coolest part of starting again as you get a new opportunity to grow as a person too.
But there are people from our past that we want to ignore, truth being told, is that I have no reason to not be confident in front of those who made me feel insecure anymore, because I believe in me and because people do not tell you who you are you tell them. Making a mistake in the past means being succesful in the future. I always tell myself to remember that and just go there and enjoy it!
What has been a bit harder of this week is managing my time but I am getting so good at it that I will make a blog post to help you guys with that soon !
In the collage I made for this episode you can check out my latest obsessions and one has been cheerleading workouts, they combine power and strength with dance moves, which is perfection for me! I have been having a huge Keegan Allen crush ( Toby from Pretty Little Liars) and loving my long hair instead of hating it and wanting to cut it asap. 
I also wanted to share with you a great movie I watched yesterday night which is LOL featuring Miley Cyrus, I loved it so much and I think that Demi Moore was fantastic in that movie!

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