Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Time Gift Guide: Girl Edition

Sin título #177

Hi Dolls! Since this is my first Christmas with you as a blogger, I wanted to do a great yet different Gift Guide very soon so that you can start browsing  :)

Sin título #174

Dorothy Perkins gold envelope clutch
€43 -

Dorothy Perkins beret hat
€13 -

Shimmer eyeshadow

Paco rabanne
€45 -

Blue hair color
€5,06 -

Opi nailpolish
€20 -

Natural beauty product

First of all, this is my selection for all our bold friends that are just not afraid of wearing crazy prints and colours.

  1. I really loved the Dorothy Perkins clutch because since she is so bold, something that can go with anything is a much needed piece. Gift giving Idea: Fill the clutch with goodies so maybe a unique nailpolish or eyeshadow or even a phone case :)
  2. Even the boldest girl, likes easy statement pieces for everyday use, but this beret plays with texture and print to give that twist that she would totally appreciate. It is not just a beret it is the beret.
  3. Zoeva has super colorful, that also include neutrals, eye shadow palettes. It is a no failure gift :)
  4. Nars has the boldest and easy to apply eyeshadows that last for a reasonable amount of time. Surprise her with this blue shades.
  5. Opi Nail Polish: I love this colours because it looks neutral but when the light hits it there are a bizillion of undertones that you can see.
  6. I added some glitter for her nail creations :)
hopeless romantic

Charlotte Russe coin wallet
€4,64 -

€4,65 -

Martick bangle bracelet
€70 -

Lancôme lip makeup
€23 -

Taylor swift perfume
€38 -

Victoria's Secret Body Pillow
€31 -

Valentine's Day DVD
€5,41 -

For my hopelessly romantic girls out there, I thought you could make your own gift set and mix a romantic book/ movie ( nicholas Sparks please!) with some candies, a cute bracelet and a red lipstick.

Also, any college girl wants a little something for her room so you could give her a VS pillow set.
Inexpensive easy DIy gift: Inspirational board ( super appreciated by college girls like moi!) - Click here to know  how to make that:
Sin título #176

Biker jacket
€60 -

Supra pink shoes
€97 -

Studded sneaker
€290 -

Victoria s Secret victoria secret tote
€31 -

Aubin Wills bobble hat
€36 -

€36 -

Stila lip makeup
€19 -

Victoria s Secret fragrance
€9,30 -

Victoria s Secret body moisturizer
€12 -

L Occitane beauty product
€19 -

Urban Decay beauty product
€15 -

Victoria's Secret New! Equa Mat Towel
€33 -

Then,  I picked some really cool stuff for our sporty girlfriends! You cannot go wrong with VS Sport goodies or with a leather jacket and cool stuff. Something she can throw after practice :) 

Sin título #178

Dorothy Perkins green coat
€61 -

UNEARTHED bangle bracelet
€58 -

Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian black ring
€50 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box bracelets bangle
€39 -

Lucky Brand tech accessory
€27 -

€61 -

Lolita lempicka
€57 -

Last but not least, I made a selection for our glamourous and elegant moms and I chose some simple but glamourous jewelry and my mom's favorite perfume :)
I added a nice coat and a glorious everyday bag with a Guerlain make up palette, as this are gifts that you can never go wrong getting! 

“Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....”  Dr Seuss


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