Saturday, November 17, 2012

Living with Andrea: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with the Girls - Movie review ( NO SPOILER) + Q&A Twilight Saga

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Hi Dolls! So yesterday was kind of the bomb(dot)com of a day because I went to the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 which was the best movie ever!
I loved so much the way they present the visuals  as they made the scenes, you have seen in previous movies, or in the trailer, look different and special. There truly are special unique moments that are not from the book and that made the movie a million times more touching and sweet. I enjoyed the fact that some things are not what you think they are; but my favorite part is the Jacob-Nessie relationship that is pictured ten times better than I expected them to do. The acting was pretty fabulous as the special effects.
The soundtrack was really well chosen, Christina Perri's "Thousand years" is featured again and it is seriously one of the most epic moments of the movie that you have to see...
To be honest by the end I was about to cry because is the end of an era and I bet I am not the only one who refuses to let them go, forever...  

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Now it s time to head to the part in which I am answering all the Twilight Saga questions that you have been asking me through Twitter ( @shineonbyandrea) or email since I have created this blog ( Tomorrow we make 5 months! )
  1. Team Edward or Jacob? 
I am definetely team Jacob but I do not hate Edward, in fact I think he is pretty perfect for Bella. ( so Jacob can be mine ;) )

2. Team Rob or Taylor?  
Taylor :) 
3. Who would you have loved to play if you were an actress?
Bella, I love how emotional, yet protective her character is!
4. Favourite vampire?
5. Favourite werewolf?
6. Rosalie or Alice?
7. Favourite movie?
Breaking Dawn Part 2
8. Favourite Book?
9. Favourite couple of the saga?
Bella and Edward since Nessie- Jacob is only shown on the last one.
10. Do you think there would be another book/movie?
I think they are going to do that or at least I hope so in a really madly way :)

 "Now you know. No one’s ever loved anyone as much as I love you." - Bella Swan


  1. i haven't watch the movie yet :( gonna watch it this monday, i will insist my boyfriend to accompany me, lol

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  3. Wonderful...I need to see it :)) Great review & I loved the answers to your questions :)) Have a great weekend xx

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  5. I am team jacob too, and I also think Eclipse was the best book. :)


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  10. Wow you are such a
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  13. I am in Jacob side as well
    lucky you that you had watching BD part 2
    I'm too busy to go to the cinema

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  15. I heard it was a fantastic movie! I haven't seen any of them but I'm thinking I might just do a marathon watch.

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  18. I love Twilight Saga too <3 great movie and beautiful soundtrack! love every part of this movie <3 especially Alice's vision ;)
    love your blog.
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  19. I love Twilight Saga too <3 one of the best movie. Love the every part of this especially Alice's vision :)
    xo, I