Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Days of Fashion - Day 5: Let's have a date

Sin título #179

Hello my loves! Here I am with another post as part of this series! Today I wanted to show you how to go on a date being completely faithful to your own style and being flirty at the same time! Wanna know how? Let's start!

Sin título #192

My best friend knows how obsessed I am with this aqua blue color. I love it so much that she says that it is my colour   LOL!
I love it because it is bold but it goes with anything and adds a fun vibe to the whole outfit!
Sin título #193

Now for this outfit I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and I chose  girly and classy outfit, again with a touch of color!


  1. Love that black peblum dress!

  2. My favorite look is the second one! I just love everything about it. XOXO

  3. I'm loving the second outfit... that decolleteés are just amazing! I really love flakes :)
    Good job girl!
    xx,Giuls! Check my blog, new post!

  4. I like aqua blue, and how is composes whole set :)

  5. love the first aqua blue pumps, too bad it's your color already :(
    Great composures