Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas with Andrea - Fashion Guide: Meeting the parents

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Hi Dolls! 2 days ago I received an email of Clarissa asking me to help her as she had a trip to meet his boyfriend parents. Consequently I created a "no worries for mommies" guide to help you all who may be in the same position.

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Oasis long sleeve shirt
€31 -

H&M low jeans
€24 -

Zipper boots
€45 -

Vintage handbag
€31 -

GUESS photo jewelry
€76 -

Lola james jewelry
€49 -

Whitney Eve gold jewelry
€54 -

It is extremely common from parents in law to take you for a walk in the city or a brunch. What should you wear (apart from your confidence)?

Some skinny jeans, I chose this red wine colour to give the outfit a bit more personality.  One mustn't  play dress up to meet them, just make your style a bit more simple and classy.
Then I added some simple accesories. Another tip is going for vintage inspired accesories and jewelry to have that lady like style that will make you win points.

Sin título #216

€57 -

Timeless high heels

Shopping tote bag
€42 -

Tear drop earrings
€28 -

Kate spade
€30 -

Topshop leather waist belt
€45 -

€24 -

For a dinner at the parents I went classy but fun. Running away from LBDs will make a good impresion because that is what they expect you to wear. Blue klein is a fool proof way of being effortlessly elegant.

Sin título #217

Vintage looking dress
€57 -

Anne Klein metallic pumps
€67 -

Stella Dot vintage cuff bracelet
€36 -
€36 -

For celebrating the holidays going gold and tan is fabulous idea. I broke the neutral shades with a little coral Chanel bag, which is adorable. Keep the outfits fun and young!

Do you like this style guides? 
 - Andrea 


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