Friday, January 11, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Inspired Outfits: New Trend Alert!

Sin título #232
Hi Dolls! With " The Carrie Diaries" premiering next week the 70-80s trend is going to be back, I am so sure of that! 
Being this tv show form the producers of "Gossip Girl" I can totally promise you that it is going to be the next big thing,as we are all super excited and we haven't seen it yet!
I read the first book a while ago and I have the second one waiting for me...!

Sin título #233

Topshop flower print dress
€32 -

Glitter jacket
€31 -

Almond toe pumps
€21 -

Accessorize clutch
€22 -

Betsey Johnson pave ring
€50 -

Tech accessory
€15 -

Pop Art Kiss Vector Graphic
€6,12 -

Diana / Diana Products / Diana+ Clones

The clue to dress like Carrie is to play with fashion, colors and prints and think outside the box. An example of thinking outside the box, is the first outfit that combines neon, prints and a super Carrie iphone case, because the 70s-80s are a trend to mix with not to live at. Another way to incorporate this trend is with pop art items to add to your bedroom ( I will do a post about that soon!) 

Sin título #234

Pink polka dot shirt
€56 -

High waisted skirt
€40 -

Platform pumps
€19 -

FOSSIL leather satchel
€46 -

Mango bracelets jewelry
€7,65 -

I love taking this trend and mix it with an office pencil skirt that is so serious and totally opposite to the wild colors that are so Carrie.

Sin título #235

Party dress
€23 -

Green jacket
€28 -

Manolo Blahnik high heel shoes
€455 -

Z spoke by zac posen
€400 -

DANNIJO earrings
€285 -

Adia Kibur bangle bracelet
€17 -

Rebecca minkoff
€38 -

If there is something that Carrie and I have in common is our love for unique yet different pieces, like this earrings. For me what it is key in being different is trying wild pieces and wear them in your very own style.

Sin título #236

Simdog gray t shirt
€81 -

Knit shirt
€32 -

H&M low rise skinny jeans
€24 -

Converse high top trainers
€58 -

Leather satchel handbag
€75 -

I wanted to create an every day  outfit and to be honest I had a blast with this one, it has the sparkles and the neon converse, and a simple cotton tie that looks super sporty.

Sin título #237

Valentino layered dress
€4.775 -

J Brand fitted jacket
€380 -

Manolo Blahnik perforated shoes
€510 -

Steve Madden cross body shoulder bag
€52 -

Betsey Johnson rubber jewelry
€21 -

Bangle jewelry
€12 -

Bangle bracelet
€3,83 -

Feather collar necklace
€18 -
€20 -

Last but not least Carrie knows how to be sweet as well. I really love the sunnies and how this rubber bangles blend together, but she likes to slow down fancy dresses with denim jackets as well and that is exactly what this dress was calling for...!

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  1. I really want to see how they will dress her

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    I'm looking forward for the pop art post! (:

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    My favorite look would be the converse of course... :D

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