Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Diary of a college girl: Exam morning and beloved good spotts in the library

                    (Me in the cafeteria aka. the land of croissants)

-" I am so fab! Check out I am blonde, I am skinny, I am rich and a little bit of a bitch"
Thank you Gaga, it is lovely waking up to your incredibly uplifting new tunes, but no I am not that fab. Trust me. At least not this early in the morning.
I leave in a Mediterranean island. Yes, you can go ahead and picture an amazing day laying at the beach, but not quite this time of the year, because it is so effin' cold in the morning I literally have to run to the kitchen and pray for my body to quickly adapt to not being cuddled in my amazing warm paradise, aka my bed.
Lately, I have been channeling my inner Rachel Zoe and having a Ba-nana for breakfast because it is supposed to help me to focus. Yeah right... Let me tell you something nutritionists out there, I am a daydreamer, I am always out of focus. No banana is going to change that...

At about 7.20 ( yes I do take my lovely time to have beakfast) I go and create a classy outfit ( goodness this  can take me forever sometimes). Get myself all dolled up, just because I have no Dorota to do it for me- hopefully someday I will. And finally at about 8 o'clock I am ready to go to class.

 Meeting my bestie Lily and heading to the library. Don't get your hopes up, because my VIP computer spot at the library will be re-conquered again next semester, shout out to the short black hair do' girl that I have seen twice sitting there. That place was my second home during final exams week last school year. Lucky you that I have fewer classes this semester, enjoy while you can my love.

 After playing human tetris game because the professor was not so sure about how to avoid cheating (Professor, if you are reading this, don't waste your time) we start the feared exam. Honestly, I expected it to be way worse, but those from the other group had it in multiple choice. Are you kidding me? Freaking easy multiple choice cannot be compared with our not so hard but still not easy exam. For those of you who read me and are not yet in college pay attention to what I am going to tell you right now: College is not easy, but with the right professors it can be a way smoother ride. Do your research!


  1. Sounds like quite the day! Exam time is always super stressful.

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  3. Would you like to follow each other and stay in touch with our outfits?

    Let me know, I'll be glad :)

    Greetings from Slovenia