Friday, December 13, 2013

The 19.00 Break

vintage 2b

                                     "They might be bigger, but we are faster and never scared"

This week all I have been able to say is: " I am tired". Final exams are here and I have been stressed and having a really rough time to get "in the zone" the previous days before an exam. Desperate needs claim for desperate measures so, I created my own "happy hour". No, it has nothing to do with alcohol, in fact it is the time I allowed myself to read as much as I wanted ( up to an hour) and sprayed my favourite perfume. It felt absolutely luxurious and soon became my best secret tool to ace my exams.


                                                     What have I been reading?

1 Teach me-Amy Lynn Steele:
This summer love story will keep you asking for more from the very first page. I just could not put this one down. Even though I felt like a was reading a book that the 15 year old me would have fancied, I absolutely enjoyed it. It got a bit cheesy at times, not gonna lie, but it was necessary because both of the characters are such hopeless romantics that they could not avoid those too-sweet-to-be-true lines. 
I think it is such a great gift for your own little sister, because it is full of life lessons that the teenage me could really have used.

                                              " Today, life has taught me there is a happily ever after"

2.The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window- Kirsty Moseley:
Who could resis to this title? Obviously, not me. This is my current read and another really sweet story. This one is a bit more slower than the other one, but in a very pleasant way. Trust me, you do not want the author to sum up this scenes. In fact, I often find myself imagining more of it. And that is a lot to say from someone who tends to rush between pages. It feels like a daily vacation when I read this book. I stop being Andrea and become this fearful female with a horrible past and a bright future. 
Every page is a lesson about how love should feel and how naturally it should arise. It makes sense why certain love stories don't success, because the most essential was missing, mutual unconditional support.


  1. This is definitely a tough time of year when you're in school. I hope that you get a chance to rest and relax soon!

  2. Awesome skirt! ^^ cool blog!

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