Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog dolls! + School of Fashion: Little White Dress 101

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog or in other words to my baby project that I've been dreaming about for years. I've wanted to have a blog since I was 13 and I am 18 now so it has definitely been a long time to think, design and work for it. I wanted this to be as perfect as possible and I wanted my passion for blogging to shine through my blog and videos. Every single detail has taken time enough to be exactly what I wanted I didn't want to pressure myself or anything, it had to start at the perfect time which is now that I am 18 and it's summer so I have plenty of time for you dolls :) The name of this project (Shine on) took me about four moths to came across it. I wanted something that meant a lot to me, that inspired me, and what is more that was powerful enough to inspire someone who accidentally found my blog and doesn't even like fashion or beauty but still can take something away from that. So " Shine on " is my way to encourage you to do what you fancy, because when you do what you like you just shine on...
To me there is nothing more beautiful that the sparkly eyes on someone who is doing what he/she has always wanted to do, so go ahead and jump into it!

Now that you know about the idea, I am going to tell you the most important...What are you going to find in here? First of all, this project has two parts: one is the blog, and the other one is the youtube channel which is
In the blog you are gonna find daily updates full of beauty, fashion, college, advice, books, DIYs... but also my videos are going to be linked and explained or completed in a post so that everything goes together nicely.
So finally lets get into todays posts!! OMG I am so excited!
This first post is about little white dresses, but what so special about the LWD?

Definition: A simple white dress that is versatile so that you dress it up or down using accessories. It is the same as an LBD ( Little Black Dress) but in another colour that was overrated for a long time and that is going to be bigger for the summer.

Little white dress 101


As you can see there are many different designs so you can rock a LWD that it is perfect for your body type. There is a variation on the LWD which is the Little Cream Dress which is basically the same but looks better on warmer skin tones combined with gold jewellery.
As I said before the cool part about how simple and cute they are is that you can dress them up or down or take them from day to night VERY easily. I have created a set with the very first dress that is shown on the notebook, because is the one that looks better on any body type.It is so flattering because of how simple it is, so if you are looking for the perfect present to that fashionista friend this LWD is a great idea and this kind of design will look amazing on her no matter what body type she has so it is a fool proof present! ;)

Day look 1 WOnderstruck

Jasmine crochet dress
£15 -

Wedge heels
$45 -

Leather satchel
€100 -

Miss Selfridge flower jewelry
$6 -

Silver and gold ring
£3 -

Ettika gold tone jewelry
$40 -

Sheer shawl
$7.99 -

Black plastic sunglasses
$24 -

Beauty product
$50 -

Fine art photography - birds flying sky wall art aqua nursery blue art...
$30 -

For the day look I have chosen metallic accesories to give that sweetness along with the light blue bag in contrast with the pin-up glasses and the sheer shawl. I wanted to keep it flattering with the wedges, which are not too tall or too short. Having neutral high heel or wedges will make your legs always  look longer. I paired with blue nail polish to have that navy accent that it is summery and sweet. I chose my favorite perfume because it is such a good day to night scent.
Keep in mind that you can change the belt that comes with it, or remove it if you don't like it but it will make your body have that hour glass effect which looks always good!


Jasmine lace cocktail dress
£15 -

$70 -

Platform high heels
$50 -

Zara handbag
$60 -

Lisa Freede leaf ring
$98 -

NARS Cosmetics lip makeup
$24 -

$4,950 -

Keep Calm and Dance On - 11x14 Poster (featured in Pink Lemonade)...
$16 -

 For the night outfit, I went with chunky fun heels because fashion is all about experimenting and having fun! I love those heels and  the platform on them makes the look as comfortable as the wedges from the day look! I also chose, smart looking but also fun accesories that have a very settled contrast. While the leaf ring looks polished but young and fresh the handbang lookes classy but edgy at the same time. I loved it! I suggested a blazer that is form fitting ( No man tailored blazers allowed for a girly outfit) and a nude lip as well as Wonderstruck perfume.

Hope you guys like my first post! Please remember to subscribe to my blog or / and youtube if you want :) 

I wanted to say goodbye, with a quote because I think that the right thoughts will take you far in life
( So CHEESY but SO TRUE!)and also because I am the crazy quote girl around here so it wouldn't be me with a nice quote ;)
Please leave me suggestions for new posts and videos on the COMMENTS below and I also want to know if  you like THE Little White Dress better than the LBD...

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”
― Audrey Hepburn


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