Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andrea Designs: Inside My Portfolio 1

Hi Dolls! So welcome to the very first Andrea Designs post! (Yayy!).Maybe you  don't know yet, but I have been designing and sketching since I was seven years old ( and I am 18 now), it has been a long time loving fashion and I wanted to show you some of my sketched and designs and explaining my inspiration behind them!
 This baby right here is my all time favorite I designed it this year in January. I was trying to create a beautiful and universally flattering New Year's Eve outfit. I went a bold crystal 40-50s inspired dress with ombre strings to elongate your body, as well as nude pumps to make your legs look crazily long. For the clutch, I tried a minimal design and I really like the result. With the jewelry  I kept it simple but still giving it a pop of color with the purple stone that makes a statement along with the little black ones.
P.S: I sent this sketch to Chiara Ferragni and she loved it and made me the happiest girl alive 
This design is inspired by Taylor Swift as she tries to tell stories through music I tried to do the same with a dress specially a prom dress. I was dreaming of someday having my own prom dress collection in which every dress tells a story or suits someone's personality very nicely. You can read the annotation on this sketch to see what the girl wearing it would want to express through the dress. I think that designing is such a beautiful, yet interesting process in which the customer should pair with the designer to tell a story. So it is a true piece of art work and it has something more apart from the design, it has a feeling and a special vibe to it.
Hope you guys liked the post! Please let me know your opinion in the comments and if you think that a dress should tell a story, Is it a great idea? I think it is :)


  1. those are pretty cool.. i love the dress on the first photo. i think it would look amazing in reality! wud like to see that happend!

    xo, Carla

  2. this purple dress is amazing! *_*

  3. It's so great you're doing what you love, and you're damn good at it! :)

  4. Hi! I like your drawings!! they are perfect for a party night!! of course, we can follow each other, I'm already following you!

  5. love the sketches
    anyways, mind following each other, dear?

  6. Such beautiful drawings! I'm so jealous of your artistic abilities! Of course we can follow for a follow! Following you now ;)


  7. I am already a new follower :) Hope you follow me back! :)

  8. Second one looks really nice!

    xx Brigita

  9. Me encantan!!!!!!!!!

  10. Me encantan!!!!!!

  11. I love the second dress! It's beautiful!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! IT means a lot to me!