Monday, July 2, 2012

Beauty-full nail HAUL!

Hey Dolls! So This post was going to be originally a video but I have been sick so I am not able to film basically because I have no voice :/ But thank God I can still write you guys right?
Last week I went shopping with my bestie and had a lot of fun buying this really cute stuff so let's get started!
First of all I got this nail polish at H&M it is such a unique color because it it light purple with a billion of shimmer on it! It is lovely !

Then I got this Mini nail polish set called " Summer nails" from H&M too I found super cute all the colours but specially "Metallic Blue" That has chunks of glitter and I found that so cool!

 I absolutely love this vanilla ginger Lipbalm as I needed a lipbalm to have in my room but I wanted it to be vaseline because it has so many uses and it moisturizes like crazy, so when I found this product I thought it was perfect as it is so vintage looking that it looks like a dorm decor element and it is vaseline based so this is THE product I was looking for! This lipbalm is from H&M as well :) ( Nor sponsoring me nor giving this for free in case you guys were wondering)

 I last but not least I got this lovely Guess Iphone case it was less than 20E and I fell in love with it so deeply... LOL!

Hope you guys like the post please let me know what was your fav product and also remember to subscribe ! Love you !
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  1. I can't see you in my followers honey!
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  2. Lovely purchases, I like the bright nail polish :)

  3. Awh, hope you feel better really soon and get your voice back. Great nail polish choices, and that vanilla ginger lip balm sounds lovely.

  4. The blue one from H&M is awesome! x

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  6. Wow, so many nail polish O.O

  7. Love your purchases, especially nail polishes! Followed you back <3 But sadly, I can't see you in my followers, dunno what happend :<

    Kisses ;*