Monday, July 9, 2012

Be the best version of you feat. NIKE + AndreaSpeaksNow ?

Hi Dolls! So today's post is about stop slacking on working out and do it for the right reasons!
First of all I want to say that I am going to be collaborating with Nike and other brands but I am going only to collaborate with brands that allow me to be honest with my readers, because I want my blog to be reliable and for me, its more important to own a quality blog that readers trust, than earning money or nothing like that. Basically because Blogging is my passion, not my job. Moreover, I have been a reader first, so I know that sponsored videos in which all the products are AMAZING is SO FAKE. The way I see it brands ask for collaboration to improve because if they already were perfect they would not be asking, so please keep in mind that I have paired with brands that I am a consumer, on top of that I am not going to tell you to buy a product that is crap because it has happened to me before and I am aware that sucks.
 Now that I have explained you that, I want to start this post so let's get started! Recently I have been getting e-mails from you saying that you want motivational videos to work out. From my point of view I think we all should work out because it is healthy not because we want to have a certain body type. But I am aware that getting the body that you want can motivate you, but only at first, as then you get lazy and start slacking like there is no tomorrow. So there are a couple of things that I need to talk about that and since they are a lot I was wondering if You want me to a video on that ! But in short those things are realizing that working out won't change you, you are not going to get super outgoing if you work out, if you try to be outgoing you will be outgoing but not because you look thinner. The next things are do it to improve your humor and health not to impress anybody at prom or at a party.

Once you decide that you want to work out and eat healthy for yourself and to improve your health, if you want to invest on really cool sneakers I have found the right ones! To me working out with cute clothes is always a plus right here I am showing you a super cute outfit 

Vive la experiencia de personalizar totalmente un artículo en Puedes personalizar los colores y materiales para hacer una versión completamente exclusiva de tus zapatillas, tus camisetas y de muchas cosas más. Empieza ahora a personalizar artículos en
Nike Blazer Mid iD Shoe
He diseñado esto en

These sneakers are the coolest part because you can design them with NIKEid which a super fun tool at their website that you can access from their store ( ) and create your dreamed pair of sneakers. Isn't that cool? I spent the entire evening creating super cool ones and showing them to my mom ( Sweet life of being sick btw I am feeling better)  So even if it is just for fun go there and try different color combinations for different Nike trainers. I love this ones with a plain outfit of jeans and a beige tank top. You can also design trainers that are suitable for your favorite sport or this ones which are a really cool every day sneakers, amazing for college life ;)

Hope you guys like it let me know if you would want me to do an AndreaSpeaksNow video on working out for the right reasons and maybe self confidence and  what is your favourite part of working out. I would also want to know if you think that it was time for brands to create cute outfits ( I totally think it is time because I used to hate how plain and baggy they were ) 

 P.S: If you want to start working out right now look for Toneitup youtube videos they are amazing trainers with super fun workouts.

“You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possible be – in baseball and in life.”
~Pete Rose~


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