Sunday, August 19, 2012

Andrea's Trends: Printed Jeans- Favourite Back to school Trend

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Hi Dolls! So today's post is about my favorite back to school trend: Printed Jeans! Is not a new trend you probably already have a pair of those jeans but its a trend that it is growing so much! So here are my tips on how to wear this trend, which can be tricky!

  1. What to invest in? First of all I think you should invest on settled prints, because you want to wear them a lot, so go for settled or go for colorful, so that you can style them much more easily. The way I see it, I would go for pastel prints or blue prints, as they imitate denim and that makes it easier to style.
  2. There are so many prints to choose which one should I go for? I recommend going for vintage floral or snake print, because these are prints who are always trending. The first one because it is becoming an entire style and way of creating fashion and the second one because animal print has been with us for a couple of season and its planning to stay. It is so versatile that designers can play with it a lot, and make it settled to create staple pieces or go crazy to design unique risky type of clothes.
  3. How to style it? I want to make a whole post about how to style printed jeans but the best advice I can give you is keep it neutral on the top and match the pants with accessories that fit not only the colors but the style of the print. For example match a floral printed pair of jeans with some rose earrings of the same color, or if it has skulls, go for skulls. 
  4. Go and get them for...  back to school, nights out, spicing your office looks, shopping days. Like I said it is such a favorite trend of mine right now because there's a pair of printed jeans to fit everybody's style, because there are ones that are barely printed, for those who are hesitant, and ones so crazily colorful for more daring people.
Do you want me to do a how to style printed jeans post? Let me know in the comments below
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