Saturday, August 18, 2012

AndreaStyles: Easy Working Day Outfits

Hi Dolls! So today's post, was a request I got from an email ( in which Ashley asked me to help her to create some outfits for her working days, so that she could have a more polished look, but keeping it simple and true to herself. I love helping you, and doing "mini make overs" and I wished I had a tv show or something to help you and go shopping together, but I don't so I found easier having another series at my blog in which I help you to style your wardrobe. Do you like the idea? 


Straight leg pants
€37 -

H&M ballet shoes
€10 -

Clutch handbag
€41 -

Forever New metal jewelry
€21 -

Dorothy Perkins bow ring
€6,52 -

Dtla photograph, photo of Los Angeles, LA skyline at sunset, downtown...
€11 -

I created this outfit thinking about Ashley and her daily style, which she told me about. So first tip to easily style an outfit: simple bottom parts that are flattering as well, so that you always feel like wearing them. I love this straight leg trousers for everyday. By using basic trousers you normally save money because they tent to be cheaper as they are simple, but also because finding bright tops at a reasonable price is always easier. If you do not have a lot of time to shop around go with this formula: simple on the bottom and bright on the tops. You can find  clothing pieces like that everywhere.

Second tip: if you are looking for accessories that go with anything, ROSE GOLD is the magic things you need, they go with literally anything and what's more they look awesome with yellow and tangerine which have been the stars of neon this season. Which means that these jewellery pieces are a must have to make the summer- fall transition.
Third Tip: Look for a brown/ neutral color bag. Because again it looks amazing with neon colors. But also I will invest in a staple piece in which you can fit all your gadgets a.k.a smartphone, ipad or computer, as you will need to carry those to work everyday.
Fourth Tip: Use bright accesories to compliment your top. I love using my crazy bright summer jewellery to spice up my fall looks, so that they don't look too boring...

Sin título #99

Long sleeve shirt
€59 -

H m blazer
€38 -

AllSaints super skinny jeans
€98 -

Vintage style shoes
€49 -

Black tote
€40 -

Gold necklace
€13 -

With this look I wanted to show Ashley that she actually can go to the office wearing jeans! But you need to make sure that they are not distressed and that they are simple as possible, because we will spice them with accesories.

Fifth Tip: Bright blazers, I like the ones that accentuate your waist better than the boyfriend blazers but its up to you.
Sixth Tip: Go flat, if you have to be the entire day working, use flat shoes, I love vintage inspired oxfords like this pair. They not only fit my style but the add a chic strike to the whole outfit without being too loud. Classy and Fab.
Seventh Tip: Go and find gold and silver collar necklaces, they are perfect for spicing up any blouse. And let's face it, most of your working days you will be wearing something like that, so again accessories are key!

Sin título #100

Dorothy Perkins sleeveless dress
€18 -

H m jacket
€38 -

Flat heels
€14 -

H M leather flat
€10 -

Mango shopping tote bag
€19 -

Circle jewelry
€32 -

Pull Bear bracelet
€13 -

Another must shop is a neutral dress, because you can rock it for another day working with a bright blazer and be really neutral with the purse and shoes but wear the bright bracelets you bought on vacation, so you feel a bit better LOL or accessorize it with fancy jewelry from a b-day gift that you never find the place to wear. Last tip: If you are not really big on accessories go for animal print ballet flats for everyday shoes, they will spice up a look when you want to play safe and be a bit plain with your outfit. They are a style saver!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. If you want an AndreaStyles post for you feel free to write me at 

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  4. thank you so much for the lovely commenton my blog- so much goddess love back to you!
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  5. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yes, definitely follow each other; we just followed you :). This makeover idea is fantastic! Totally agree about the cropped blazers...they definitely accentuate the waist better than boyfriend blazers. Those oxford are too cute as well! Just got a bright gold pair actually :)

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