Sunday, August 26, 2012

AndreaStyles: Back to Glamourous Alicia Edition

Hi Dolls! Here I am with another edition of AndreaStyles, you guys request this posts so much and I love that! Today I am helping Alicia from which is such a cool blog and she is just fantastic, so sweet! It has been amazing being her stylist!

Her style is glam and girly so I played a lot with textured and print to add a an artsy layer to her style. Pay attention to the inexpensive items I am showing you in this edition for back to school.

Sin título #116

A Wear crop top
€19 -

Oasis denim skirt
€19 -

ASOS ballet shoes
€16 -

Diane von Furstenberg tote handbag
€48 -

Vintage ring
€7,89 -

Oasis leopard scarve
€25 -

First of all my job was finding the right back to school bag that was not too expensive but still had a lot of quality and design. I found this DVF ( one of my favorite designers ever!)  and I thought that it was so perfect for her that I had to include it. Then I found that crop top that has a shiny fabric that is not too bold. That fabric was really cool for adding a glam vibe to an every day outfit like this one. I paired with a simple but flattering denim skirt and for the accessories I based it on my own experience. Basically when I go to school or college I got a bit lazy when it comes to the accessories so I am all over statement pieces that dress up an outfit. The scarf and the vintage looking leopard ring were the best think to give the outfit a personal take.

Sin título #117

Vintage dress
€32 -

Isabella Oliver biker jacket
€26 -

High heels
€32 -

Diane von Furstenberg tote handbag
€48 -

Charlotte Russe stud earrings
€3,98 -

White ring
€32 -

Dorothy Perkins pink shawl
€17 -

Forever New beanie hat
€17 -

For the next outfit I inspired myself in London, which you guys know that I get inspiration from every city so this time it was that lovely british city.
I chose a simple summery floral dress and added a leather jacket and a glorious shawl. FOr the accessories I kept it cute with the hat and again I love vintage-glam accessories for Alicia so I chose that.
Last but not least, since Ali is all about heels I chose a super comfy for every day type of heels for her to rock the hallway.

Sin título #118


H M short jacket
€38 -

Tie dye jeans
€12 -

H M leather sneaker
€19 -

Summer handbag
€25 -

Sports necklace
€7,97 -

MISHA WORLD "Good Times" Scarf

This was the experimental one, because I wanted to show Alicia that she can look for stylish pants that keep her stylish and make them super glam and girly. I went for an statement necklace and simple blouse for the top. The jeans are so special because the way they play with darker shades and lighter will make your legs look super skinny and shaped, which si always good. Then I added a fun back and some comfy and cute shoes. Now it is time for grabbing your leather jacket and running out the door! :)

Sin título #119

Dorothy Perkins animal print dress
€35 -

AX Paris nude shoes
€38 -

Jane Norman black clutch
€19 -

Kate Spade clip on earrings
€38 -

Crosby Dark Gold Ornate Art Frame
€98 -

For this look I found a glam printed dress and I went really simple with the accesories to give the main role the dress and if it is a cold nigh out add a leather jacket you will be the hottest girl in town. Remember to always pair high-low dresses with high heels and if they are nude they would give you crazy long legs along with the dress.

Hope you guys like it and if you want to be in the next AndreaStyles write me an email at

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