Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to school: New Era, New You

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Hi Dolls! So today's post is my absolute favorite of the back to school season because I wanted to remind you that every new beginning is an opportunity to be the one you have always wanted to be. It is never too late to change and be the social butterfly that you always prayed to become one day.  Perhaps, that one day has arrived...
Even though, you may not change your school or friends or even those who you really do not want to see but have to, it is still a good opportunity to tell the world who you really are and SHINE ON!
Having the same people around does not mean having to feel the same way you felt last year or even yesterday around them! Remember, the sky is the limit and nobody has the right to set your limits, it is all up to you. In fact you are the cause of your fears if you do not set them, they don't exist :)

For those who are changing schools and find hard to make friends the best advice I can give you is to be the friend you would want to be friends with and to me, that includes going and talk to those who are around you but you do not even know yet. Who knows they may be your next best friend, nobody hates kindness so keep that in mind. You do not have to live under the influence of your fears, be the best version of yourself this year!!

Finally I created a back to school/college/work playlist so that you feel the positivity of new beginnings and that even if you make a little mistake, you can always learn from it.

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- "People do not tell you who you are, you tell them" - A


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