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AndreaStyles: Rocker chic Back to School - Requested by Maria

Hi Dolls! So today' s post is another AndreaStyles episode! I love doing this posts because I would not mind working as a stylist and being the best one ( even better than my idol Rachel Zoe because I am ambitious like that ;) ) . This way I get to have a bit more experience and have fun with fashion while helping you with your wardrobe.

- Introducing Maria: 
Maria is a 17 year old senior in high school that has a rocker chic style and she finds difficult taking her inner rock star to high school as ripped jeans are not allowed so here I am helping her with back to school shopping! I found this challenge amazing because I love going rocker chic sometimes but I haven't showed you guys that side of mine yet so I thought this will be the perfect opportunity to do that! :)
She also wanted me to show her an extremely easy make up look for everyday, since she wants to just use a couple of products and rock the hall.

Sin título #102

Vintage top
€32 -

Striped jacket
€19 -

H&M skinny fit jeans
€25 -

H&M flat shoes
€10 -

H M leather shoulder bag
€38 -

Black eye liner
€14 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
€21 -

OPI nail polish
€14 -

Floral Wallcovering by Vanessa Arbuthnott | Duck Egg Wallpaper
€53 -

So for this outfit I looked for the perfect pair of jeans that were rocker chic but still school appropriate. I chose a pair of grey slim fit jeans that even though they are not ripped they have that rock star vibe with the fading undertones in it, and by not being too loud, it is way more versatile.
Then, I grabbed a concert graphic t-shirt, that Maria told me she had plenty of those and I added a stripped blazer to have that chic touch going on.
I used some black flats since that is what she told me that she lived in along with combat boots and converse. And I chose a big studded bag which to me it sounded like the best option for Maria. She could even take that with her for a night out,  because it is so stylish and such an easy accessory to have. I finished the look with a big bold black ring that dresses the outfit a bit more in a easy way. She could just grab the ring and run out the door, looking like she put actually a lot of thought to it when she really didn't but that's the magic of big statement jewelry ;)

For the Make up I chose a high pigmented nude lip gloss and black eyeliner thay has an easy applicator.

Sin título #103

Chiffon blouse
€12 -

H M vest
€32 -

Diesel skinny jeans
€185 -

Lace up boots
€26 -

Kangol chocolate handbag
€38 -

€20 -

This is my favorite outfit! I want Maria to experiment a bit with trends so I mixed the military trend with faux fur vest that adds that glam to the rocker chic vibe and a simple big blouse that looks really casual. Finally I accessorized the outfit a bit with a simple bag and some cool quoted jewelry. You guys know that quoted jewelry is such a favorite of mine because the fact that it has a quote makes it a lot more put together and it is a cute detail to add depth to any outfit.

Sin título #104

H M short sleeve dress
€10 -

H M leather clutch
€25 -

Kate spade earrings
€39 -

Black jewelry
€12 -

Last but not least Maria asked me for a going out look and my advice is buy a little black dress that has a flattering design but that it is so simple and go cray-cray with the accessories. When I found those heels I thought of Maria absentmindedly and then I chose a cute clutch that went with it. Do you guys know what I really like this clutch with too? with floral printed dresses to take away that naive touch that is not Maria style but she still is rocking the lady trend but making really her.

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Which was your favorite outfit? Do you have any other tips for Maria? Let me know in the comments below

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