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Back To College: Sororities 101

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Hi Dolls! For those of you who are FRESHMAN in college, like me. I thought that doing a sororities 101 post will be so helpful for those of you who are thinking about joining one. 
When I started doing research in senior year, I wanted to keep my doors opened, so I considered going to an american college and I did a lot of research about the greek system, and I am going to tell you all about them in this post even though I wish I could join one but in Europe most universities do not have sororities or fraternities.

  1. What is a sorority? It is a social club, that you join in college and it can be for the rest of your like. There are different sororities and they stand for different charities or believes.
  2. Is it free? No, you actually have to pay a certain amount of money, once you are in, but it goes for charity, parties or for sisterhood events, which are different activities that you and the other members do to bond. 
  3. How you can enter a sorority? Through rush, which is a process in which you get to meet ALL the sororities and then you decide which ones are your favorites. You are not alone through rush, you actually have someone, who is already a sorority member, to help you through that process and tells you what to wear to each round. But she is not allowed to tell you in which sorority she is, so that you make the right decision. Each round, includes meeting sororities not doing anything wrong as many people thing. Think that it is a MUTUAL selection, they choose you but you choose them too, so that the last day you are given an envelope that tells you the one you end up being accepted and hopefully you guys end up in the one you wanted!
  4. Is it easy? It is a fun process, because you meet  a lot of girls, but in the last rounds it gets a bit emotional because you normally have your absolute  favorite but other two of them that you really like  too. Even though you can ONLY JOIN ONE. But you are still able to join some sports clubs or do other activities a part from your greek life.
  5. Why should I join a sorority?  It is NOT COMPULSORY to join a sorority, but if you are the kind of person that loves having a huge support system around you, go and join one! They will become your sisters and you will have girls with some more experience around campus with you to help. I will personally join one if my college had greek life.
  6. Do you get hazed? No, it is common that sororities actually promote anti-hazing campaigns. It has existed before but let me tell you something, you do not want to be in a sororities that haze you and want you to feel embarrassed because that is not the spirit of greek life.
  7. What should you wear for rush?  Your  recruitment adviser will tell you what to wear but my tip is to keep it classy and very you. But since I am such a fashion lover I created a little outfit for you to wear that is very simple but still cute :)                
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    Sleeveless dress
    €32 -

    Chinese Laundry platform wedge
    €24 -

    Clutch handbag
    €28 -

    Stella Dot pearl bangle
    €28 -

    Plastic bangle
    €12 -

    Stone jewelry

    Beauty product
    €57 -
  8. Any other tips? If you are not allowed to go out through rush, do it, because that is so important that people actually forget to do that. Also, go to all the sororities activities that you can, as even though not all of them are compulsory, you want to get involved and also because there are studying groups which is fantastic for keeping up with your work. Ask questions and be open, they should not have to pull the words out of your mouth, so definitely show around the friendliest version of you!

     Would you join a sorority? Are you in one? What would you wear to rush? Do you like the outfit I created? Any other sorority tips? Let me know in the comments below! :)
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  2. Che bella tonalità di azzurro, bracciale e smalto mi fanno impazzire!

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  7. i like this idea, in UK it's more tamed down and called societies i dont think they are as fun at USA sorieties :p

  8. If there's one thing I wish UK universities had, it's sororities! Really good and helpful post. x

  9. i really like the powder blue nails & rose bracelet. no, i wouldn't & i didn't join in a sorority when i was in college. my husband was in a fraternity, but after we started going out for while, he stopped being in it. yes, it did cost money. he did meet friends. one of his fraternity friends was friends with my friend, & that is how we met. :)