Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Get Killer Confidence: How to be the best version of yourself

Hi Dolls! So today's post was originally going to be part of my back-to-school series because some of you are a bit afraid of going and I have been emailing with some of you lately, but then I realized that everybody struggles with fears and that it deserved to be a more opened post so that itcan apply for everyone who reads it!

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Inspirational boards help A TON, especially when you are going through a challenging time of your life.
P.S: I have an Inspiring Agenda DIY comin' in case you do not have space for an inspirational board, but another tip is to have a quote as your wallpaper at your phone or do a collage with those with an app and use it as a collage.

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Hope you guys like it :) Send me your requests in the comments below.
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  1. thanks 4 your comment sweety, but I can`t see u on my follow list:( I followed you.
    PS:great post.

  2. Love this post, so true!
    Lots of girls need to read this!

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  3. Thank you , I am following you now and wait for you:-)

  4. Hi dear, very nice post!!! I really love inspiration-boards! They help to keep us motivated and focused on what's really important...:-))
    Thank you for visiting our blog!!!


  5. Great post! Just followed you...and am now waiting on you!! www.ahitofsarah.net

  6. thank you for the comment on my blog over my crop top- cannot wiat for your next music/fashion post.
    This is an aamzing post- my inspiration in my left arm- or mainly the tattoos on my left arm.
    I have 'forget about today until tomorrow' to remind me to relax and not to worry (which for an over-relaxed girl is VERY easy) and a moon on my wrist- to remind me i am a goddess and can achieve anything

  7. Hola hermosa que tengas día excelente

  8. Such a great post! Love thoes quotes :) xo akiko
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