Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Meets Fashion: Cher Lloyd + How to create your own bright lipstick

Hi Dolls! So today's post is from a new series that I am making in which I am going to get inspired from a music video, song or a musician and create a look! This was the time for the lovely Cher Lloyd! 
I loved her music video Want U Back. Check it Outt and then, let's get in the outfit!

Sin título #93

Long sleeve top
€25 -

Rare London short shorts
€40 -

Platform shoes
€15 -

Cross body handbag
€24 -

Smashbox eyeshadow
€32 -

Lip stick
€23 -

I chose affordable clothes for the most part. I know the shorts can be a bit expensive but you can take them from winter to summer and use them a lot for day and night. I added a boost of color with a very reasonable priced satchel I found from Candie's. As long as her make up goes she always has a bronze or grey smokey, pink cheeks and lips. If you want a bright lipstick but you do not have it mix your favorite lip balm with a bright blush of the color that you want. I have tips for everything, right? ;)

Do you guys like Cher Lloyd? Do you want more of these posts?  Let me know in the comments below. 
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  1. I'm not a particular fan or cher lloyd (im not really sure why) but she does have the occasional good outfit.
    I love the idea behind this post- i think its something you should keep and cant wait for the next one

  2. Lovely pink bag! Nice blog. What about following each other?

  3. great look and bag, i really love this color!!

    have a nice day!