Friday, December 21, 2012

Living With Andrea: Iphone 5 and Blogging everyday? + Q&A

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Hi Dolls! As I promised you, I am here with another living with Andrea edition.
Firstly, I wanted to introduce you to my new Iphone 5 and its amazing camera for vlogging on the go. I am so excited to try it and  give you more vlogs than I normally do!
Secondly, I few weeks ago I told you about an idea that I got: to blog everyday ( or pretty much) during Xmas and I am going to be doing that and mixing it with beauty and fashion related posts as well.
There are going to be video vlogs and written posts so stay tuned for that, because it starts tomorrow!!
What I have in mind? Q&A videos, tags, hauls, cooking posts, random vlogs... Any other idea?

I think that this is going to be so special because in Spain we celebrate " 3 kings day" on 6th of January and I will be telling you about how we celebrate it at home!

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  1. Shall like your FB page & invite you to mine :)

  2. -What would you wear on a lazy day during Christmas?

  3. Favourite holiday treat ?

  4. Worst part of the holidays?

  5. Favourite CHristmas song? by the way thank you so much for being such a great blogger and role model I loved the post named live that you did a couple weeks ago :)

  6. Oh this is nice! I adore this.. well my guy just went out to get me a present, I wonder what would it be :-)

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  8. Hi Hun. Blogging on the go rocks I love my iPad & iPhone for it too. Great to be excited.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to follow each other ;) now following your lovely blog on GFC and Bloglovin xxx

  9. Love blogging on the go youre so right to be excited. Love my iPhone & iPad for it :D

    The is for stopping by. I would love to follow each other. Now following your lovely blog o. GFC & Bloglovin. Xxx

  10. Great ideas dear, stalking you everyday :-)

  11. Hello,seen you comment on another blog and thought I'd check out your blog!
    I recently got the iphone5 and also did a vlog!
    Great post and blog.
    Hope you can check out mine.
    A :)