Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Best days of your life... - The Carrie Diaries Tv Show Review

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Hi everyone! I am already caught in "The Carrie Diaries" because it has inspired me to change and go after my dreams in such an undeniable way that I knew I had to write about this...
First of all you say Carrie being a bit out of place since her mom past away and she has to be the mom for her sister Dorrit. For the next scenes you are taken to her High School and introduced to all the other characters ( my favourite? Sebastian Kydd). 
Moving on, my favorite scene is when Carrie is asked to go to Manhattan for an internship, and it takes her half a second to say  yes. That is what I call COURAGE. From that scene I realized that if you are not excited to roll out of bed and enjoy your work, maybe this is worth a change...
By the end of the episode you see Carrie stepping out of her comfort zone and acting as the fierce woman she is in " Sex and The City" 

I know that not everybody may be as inspired and alive as I am after watching this episode, but I feel renewed and with enough energy to be the best at what I truly love.
I wanted to ask you something, Would you be interested in having a novel based on a diary of my life with a bit of fiction? I would finished my other novel as soon as inspiration comes back for that story.
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"This is the beginning of a creative life.."- Andrea "Shine on By Andrea"


  1. It's nice but, I don't know, it seems like Gossip Girl .-.


  2. I thought the first episode of the show was wonderful, and I was inspired too. The books are fantastic - you would love them!

  3. Whooow, i´m really excited for see The Carrie Diaries =)

  4. I wasn't sold by the pilot episode but I'm going to give it more of a chance

  5. I LOVE this post! I haven't seen "The Carrie Diaries" yet, but I've been dying to watch! =D I'm your newest follower via bloglovin! Could you follow me back too?! =D

    xoxo Can't wait to read more!
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  6. I don't like this tvshow, because for me Sex and The city is something different. But, if I think about what you wrote, I'm so happy that you found inspiration for your personal life because of this show!!! I really do. It's so important to find the way you wake up every morning and life that day in a perfect way!! Have a great week :) I'm following you


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  8. I never watch this , but it seems great! I always look forward to increase the limit I thiink and work. Creativity is the best thing! Love this post :)
    Following you :) Hope you will follow back!

    Aree With Umbrella

  9. sounds great, but i don't think we have that show here in Holland...

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    You have a really nice blog!
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  11. Love your blog very nice!!!
    Just followed you! Just follow back!! and I love this show!! I think we'll be good friends!! :)


  12. I think I will give this series a try; thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. I am of course following you now.

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  14. I really like this show ^^But havent read the books!