Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School Anxiety? My Experience and Tips

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Hi Dolls! So it is exams time as most of you know and I wanted to share my experience with school anxiety with you so that you do not take rest time for granted and end up sick.
Does it have anything to do with my personality?
There are so many opinions to this issue, but what I think the truth is, that it totally has to do with your personality, specially when you suffer it in a continuous way throughout your life and in a strong way. It makes sense to me because I am nervous, active and perfectionist which means that I am not willing to stop until it is perfect, and that is the main problem because I do not notice the headache until it is really painful. And what's more, I do not even care about the time I have already studied and or the effort I've put in it, if it is not perfect.
The types I have experienced...

  1. Exams Week: It is not that I left all my studying for the week before, because I do not typically do that. But my unconscious fight to beat myself and be better got so bad that I've been sick for 2 weeks just because of stress. "Good thing" is that is appears once I am done with studying that exams or that exam week. The weird thing to me is that once I wake up and before going to the exam it takes me forever to get myself in front of my summaries and revise, it is like my body is saying:"No more!" but during the exam I have this rush and once it is finished I am so relieved.
  2. Changing my degree: It feels surreal to me talking about this because I feel like it has been forever since that happened, and it was literally, 2 days ago. The thing is, I hate my major right now, and I could not find another one and another university that offered it and that super strong stress, made me depressed and sick, because I just did not know where I was going. Thank God, I finally found it and I am so happy right now, that even my parents noticed that change.
My tips!

Sin título #243What is key for me is adding this relax time to my agenda and here's why: since I am a workaholic, I naturally tend to take rest time for granted and feel like I do not need it as much as other people do, but the thing is I feel better and healthier when I respect those little moments of resting.

  1. Dvds night: That is Friday for me, I like going to bed super early and watch a movie or an episode of my favorite tv show. Something that takes me to a different scenario and makes me forget about my concerns.
  2. Your Hobby: That is my blog for me, make sure you have a hobby to dedicate time to, something that it is not work but need to time to be dedicated to.
  3. Music and relaxing Podcasts: On the way school or running take your ipod with you and blast some fun music  ( being careful so you do not get too distracted and deaf ) and before going to bed sometimes I like listening to relaxing podcasts that take to a straw to the beach. There are some cool apps like:Relax Melodies,SleepStream 2, Relax Sea.
  4. Read before going to bed: This is important because of the same reason of the DVD night. I sleep better when I am thinking about something that is is in a movie or in a book because it does not represent a real issue for me.
  5. Working out: Stamina building will make the stress go down to a level that can be handled more easily.
  6. Naps: I love booking naps when I feel a bit of a headache starting, specially between cramming sessions,5-6 minutes of closing your eyes and trying to sleep is my secret weapon to renew my energy when I have little time.

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My favourite one is the one that makes me spend n afternoon without my phone, no facebook, no Gmail, no Whatsapp. That is incredibly relaxing.

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Before organizing our Agenda look at this bits of advice that work wonders!

Hope you guys like it, let me know your tips to relax.
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