Monday, January 28, 2013

It's the most romantic time of the year... Valentine's day Outfits!

Sin título #246

Hello Beauties! It may be time for romance and roses but it is also time for being spotted in some gorgeous outfits...
Want some Outfit/ date ideas? Keep reading like Nemo kept swimming LoL!

Sin título #247

Peach dress
€37 -

Charlotte Russe wedge booties
€29 -

Accessorize sequin handbag
€22 -

Coin jewelry
€67 -

Giorgio Armani lip makeup
€21 -

Cloud photography, wedding, cream, neutral, summer, sand, toffee,...
€22 -

I cannot say good things enough for going for a nude outfits with a hint of color, I just love that combo so much because it is classy and fun. My tip? Go brighter for the best part of your body... You decide: Top or bottom?

Sin título #248

Sleeveless dress
€42 -

Gucci t-strap pumps
€515 -
€29 -

If anyone who knew me told you something about me
 it will be: " Expect the unexpected" so I went with that quote in my mind and got crazy with suede grey shoes and lime green dresses. I chose this one, not only because of the price, but also because of the fit that is beyond flattering.

Sin título #249

€100 -

NIKE sports bra
€22 -

Adidas activewear shorts
€25 -

Bolsa Nike Brasilia 5 X-Small

Nike Women's Grand Flouncy Woven Skort
€43 -
€30 -

Don't underestimate a girl in the field... For this occasion I went super girly and fun but can I say that Nike has the best boyfriend jackets and sneakers? Yes please!

Sin título #250

Sheer top
€24 -

Etoile Isabel Marant tweed jacket
€285 -

Blue jeans
€21 -

Miss Selfridge high heel shoes
€59 -

Wrap bracelet
€22 -

€29 -

The idea behind this outfit is: "Ladylike from day to night" so that you can go for a romantic date after work looking fabulous. My favorite part? The heels and the tweed jacket!
Sin título #251

Last but not least, I wanted to tell you that you are my valentine because you have treated me so well since June 2012 and it is a pleasure blogging for you!!


  1. Qué cosas tan "dulces" :) Y las composiciones con las frases y todo eso, muy original :P

    Me ha gustado mucho esta entrada :D

    Un besito,

  2. I like the pink blazer + jeans outfit the most - so girly, so pretty, but still quite cool!

  3. Great proposals, which one will you be wearing? XOOX

  4. These outfits are so cute- very well put together!

    xx Kait


  5. Aaaw, all of those combinations are lovely. ^_^

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  12. Nice selection!

  13. I love the "Run this town" outfit, so girly!