Saturday, February 2, 2013

70s Bedroom Decor!

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Hi Dolls! You know how much I love " The Carrie Diaries" so I decided to bring the 70s-80s spirit to our rooms with some cute decoration ideas! The idea behind this post is the same that Eric Daman ( Costume designer of The Carrie Diaries and Gossip Girl) had bringing those decades to our years: mix and update.

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Christian Louboutin high heel pumps
€695 -

Boutique 9 pointy toe heels
€105 -

Nine west shoes
€73 -

€44 -

Hoffman Bed
€1.030 -

Jack Wills Longbridge Us Pillowcase
€22 -

White French Accent Table
€405 -

Elizabeth Hurley Zelda cushion silver
€30 -

Horizontal Shoe Rack - Small
€81 -

Grafea Leather Camera Bag - Pink
€210 -

  1. Wall quotes! Those years, to were the years of individualism and showing who you really are with as many colors as possible, so I though that a quote with some artistic font, would be absolutely perfect! Don't you think so? 
  2. A little bit of glitter won't hurt , right? I thought of taking the glitter off Carrie dresses and turn it into superglam pillows. TIP: Don't choose crazy colours go for dark ones and silver to bring the sparkliest trend to our days.
  3. Pop Art + Fashion: Look for old school Vogue pictures, print and frame. They have real art pieces in their pages!
  4. Decor with what you have! I am sure you own something vintage looking like a "Diana" camera or some pink old books, put those in your night table to have that Audrey Hepburn wake up moments! 
  5. Calling all neon shoes! Ask your mom or your aunt for their  80s pointy yet neon shoes or go and buy a super cheap pair, all we want is to decor! ( and maybe wear them friday nights)
  6. Retro Bag! I am sure you own a satchel or a bag with a bold design that should in a bright little table ( Ikea kids section!)

Hope you guys liked this post! Let me know your favorite piece in the comments!
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P.S Tune tomorrow for my january favourites!! 


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