Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Cozy! It is a book review: Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone

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Hi Beautiful readers! I have been wanting to do a review of this baby for a while and I finally got time to do it!

The book tells the story of two lovers that travel through time. While I was amazed with this superpower, I shortly learnt that it was as cool as dangerous and since Bennett Cooper is the first one with this special talent, he has to teach himself when it is right to use and when it is a huge mistake... I found this part the most interesting, how he kept his gift with good use most of the time. Anna and Bennett have the most amazing and creative dates, but there is an entire mystery that revolves around him and he has to tell her little by little, which obviously keeps her even more interested in the guy she saw while running that morning!
What I liked the most? How brave she is with falling in love and moving on to have him back. At first I did not really love Bennett, to me he just was not the typical love interest, but a couple chapters later I was officially hooked in the story and head over heels for that mystery guy... You can gift this to your little sister as there are not bed scenes, there is just one a bit in that field but not really, so totally for a younger public . Even though I still enjoyed it ( I read it in 4 days) and it is one of my favorite books ever, if you just read 50 shades of Grey, this is not something similar to that... I thought I should let you know that :) 
Any book recommendations to review? 

P.S Congrats to the Ravens for winning the Superbowl! Did you watch it?


  1. Amazing book...

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  3. Great review! I am going to add this book to my list of books I want to read!
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  7. seems like an interesting book. I would not recommend the shades of grey either...:)


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  9. I always enjoy book recommendations! This looks quite interesting and I love the idea of the plot, I'll have to keep an eye out for it next time I go to the bookstore. I did watch the super bowl, it was quite an exciting game! (Pretty crazy with the lights going off but it did help the 49s get their act together.)

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    Tiene buena pinta el libro!

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    Parece un buen libro!


  12. oooh sounds good.

  13. Hmmm sounds very promising. Gonna put it on my 'to read list'

  14. Hm well worth reading I guess sound so interesting...
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  15. oh it sounds really nice. i should read it.
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