Friday, February 8, 2013

How to start a blog? - Blogging with A !

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Hi Beautiful readers! Welcome to a very exciting ( and requested) post! I have been getting emails from you guys asking me for advice to start a blog ever since last september, so I have waited a bit to do this post because I wanted to give you the absolute best tips based on my own experience.
First of all you must ask yourself: Why do I want to create a blog? My answer was: because I love every single part of it, I love writing the post about something I am passionate about, I adore editing, filming and photography. But also because my dream job is fashion and beauty related, so I can be preparing myself through my hobby, which is blogging ( I plan to never stop blogging so don't worry this is not a stop along the way!)And overall because ever since I heard about blogs I knew I wanted to create one, I was obsessed with the idea, so it was really about time for me to create one ;)

Now that you know your answer I am going to show you the basic steps I followed and its importance now, that my blog is finally on line.

  1. Plan ahead: For me what kept me thinking and thinking was looking for a name. My tips for it? Let it have message that means something to you and that it slightly related with the content of your blog. The more general, the better. Then, think about what you want to blog about, it can be one subject or as many as you feel like doing, but with a common spark in them. To help define my blog I kept a notebook with ideas, the camera research I did in case you want to include pictures and video), advice from other bloggers, etc.
  2. Ask questions: As I just mentioned, so many bloggers and youtubers do videos and posts about starting a creative project like the one I am doing right now, but sometimes, reaching to your favorite bloggers for personal advice and record that in that notebook as a guideline helps a lot
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  3. Perfect time to start: I started planning for this blog last january and finally released it on 18th of January of 2012. As you can see I totally took my time and waited until summer because the first months are the most important, you need to dedicate time to it to make it known and create a loyal base of readers. It takes leaving comments in thousands of blogs you like to have some visitors, so wait until your summer holidays( or until you have more free time) to show your baby some dedication from the day it is born!
  4. Social media & choosing your platform: Create as many accounts as possible to reach to people in a  further way. My favorites and the more efficient ones are: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check those out a FB Fan page is free and beyond useful to stay in touch with your followers and for people to discover, same as twitter but Pinterest is key for promoting your pictures and work through that site. At the same time choosing your platform can be tricky, my favourite one is obviously blogspot, but the best way is to try them out create a trial blog on blogspot, tumblr and wordpress and  then delete them and create your blog account wherever working was easier...!

Hope you guys like it! if you want another post related to this subject let me know in the comments below! 

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