Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blogger Diaries: Am I Quitting?


 I think sometimes a certain idea just comes to you. It is not necessarily what you want or what you need, but the idea of breaking from everything you have been doing can be tempting.
Well, today I woke up with a pile of homework to do and I thought to myself: "How am I going to update my blog today? I do not have time." And then, for second it crossed my mind the idea of maybe just quitting blogging and youtube. I swear, I have never felt more empty before. I just can't stop doing this, because it is my passion. It sounds chessy, but it truly is the one thing that at the moment I can't think of me without. It is amazing how much a part of me this project has become. I found my place in this world through this blog. I owe to this little space in the Internet so much. It is my home on the go. No matter where life will take me, I can take my home on-the-go.
Me parece que a veces hay ideas que simplemente vienen a ti. No es necesariamente aquello que quieres o lo que necesitas, pero la idea de dejarlo todo y salir corriendo puede ser muy apetecible.
Bueno, hoy me he levantado con una pila de cosas que hacer y que estudiar. Entonces, me he preguntado: "¿Cómo voy a actualizar hoy mi blog? No tengo tiempo..." Y después, por una centésima de segundo he pensado en dejar el blog y YouTube. Nunca me había sentido tan vacía. No puedo parar de hacer algo que es mi pasión. Suena pasteloso, pero, ahora mismo no puedo ni siquiera pensar en no tenerlo. Es increíble lo mucho que ha llegado a formar parte de mí! Creo que este blog, es de alguna manera, mi lugar en el mundo. A este rinconcito le debo mucho. Es mi casa portátil, da igual dónde esté o dónde me lleve la vida. Shine On siempre va a ser mi casa.
I remember counting down the days until the 18th of June 2012, the day I planned on starting my blog. I had a notebook full of ideas for this project. I just knew it was going to be my thing. I never doubt I would fall in love with this. For some reason, I just knew.
Todavía recuerdo contar los días que faltaban para el 18 de Junio de 2012, el día en que empecé mi blog. Tenía un cuaderno absolutamente lleno de ideas para este proyecto. Yo sabía que esto iba a ser lo mío, jamás lo afronté como algo que tenía que probar, sino la oportunidad para hacer todo lo que me gustaba. Simplemente, lo supe.

This is my first photshoot for the blog. I couldn't resist showing this one to those who are new, because in these pictures is the essence of why and how all this started. This is my journey, me following my dreams. I think blindly pursuing what I like its my for of rebellion. I don't have another one.

Esta foto, forma parte del primer photoshoot para el blog que hice. No me he podido resistir incluirla, porque todos los que os habéis ido incorporando en el camino, necesitáis ver la esencia de este blog. Simplemente yo, Andrea, persiguiendo mis sueños. Supongo que ir detrás de ellos, a toda prisa y sin ser consciente de lo que me rodea, es mi forma de rebelión. No tengo otra.


  1. don't give up girl. Keep it up xxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. I think sometimes it`s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all....even by the things that you love the most. It`s great that you`re looking back at your first photoshoot. Sometimes, just remembering why you started something renews that love!

  3. I thought about this tons of times :D I thought about quitting, or at least giving it a break, but I really couldn't. Like you said, it is a passion and it makes me happy, so why should I quit! :D

  4. I had to take a break about this time last year from blogging. I stopped for about 2 month since I had to focus on my studies, and just like you said- I felt empty! I missed it so much, and I'm happy your not quitting!

    I would love to hear what you think about my latest outfit! x