Friday, February 28, 2014

Akward Goodbyes

When we grow up, we are pretty much bombarded with superheroes and their unbelievable adventures. Honestly, I was never a big fan of those, but somehow I still was able to pick the message: Grow up into a Superwoman.
The truth is that, even though "The Joker" itself is not a daily disturbance, I have to deal with a few villains every now and then- mostly men boys. Because let's face it I would never (EVER!) in a million years refer to them as men. Hopefully my blind obsession with bad boys flies away and I find a good gentleman someday when I least expect it. The real deal in here is that you need to be some kind of real life cold queen if you want to protect your heart- or your entire self- from certain jerks that will jump in your way. They, might be immature, stupid and easy to hate, but regrettably they may be charming and drive you crazy as well. So, when a certain lady I know very-very  well, met Ken she fell head over heels for him. He was sweet, not very immature and actually really funny wild. He was not from the same city as she was, but that never mattered to both of them- at the beginning- they pretended to be friends, but they were crazy for each other. Well, there were a few big-headed jokers in this story. Two devilish frenemies- goodness, they are invading us. They pretty much threw a campaign against my beloved friend and since Ken "beach boy" was not as smart as expected, he believed them and slowly walked away- because he claims to be really polite and that's how polite little boys get the hell out. She could not believe what was happening, her friend betrayed her and Ken who over all was a great support, sneaked out of her heart.
Why am I telling you this story? Because the more I grow up, the more I hate people who don't know how to properly say goodbye. They like to be sneaky, just in case the odds may ever be in their favour and they need to make a comeback. That drives me insane, if you want to say goodbye, say it. Do not ignore someone and favourite or RT their tweets, so that they don't hate you too much. To have a clean resumé, just in case they need that person back. To not have too much of a dark story left behind. Well, when it comes to this issues I am as queen-like as it gets, I don't give second chances to the ones who don't deserve it. I am no Mother Theresa. Being kind and honest and valuing your own opinion over the one from others, especially about what/who you like is cheap. So, stop being fake boys, we want real men.
So here it is to the superwoman I know you are, don't believe in someone that doesn't treat you like a treasure. Someone will, as a matter of fact, you should be the one who does it, because maybe some smart boy will be able to read between lines and learn what it takes to be your partner in crime. 

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